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A Mozilla Firefox Support Sprint organized by the Mozilla Campus Club of NSBM was held on Friday, 08th of June 2018 at NSBM Green University and it was open to all who were interested in taking a part of a new experience. For this occasion, many students including members of the club as well as a students from other universities were welcomed by the host, Senior member of NSBM FOSS Community, DevOps and Mozilla Campus Club; Narthana Jananjaya.

The event began by the host’s introduction to SUMO (SUpport MOzilla) and all the participants becoming a Mozillian, also known as a Mozilla Contributor. Everyday many Firefox users ask for help resolving issues in their browser. The main purpose of this event was to help those users of Mozilla Firefox, that are asking for support in reviews on the Play Store, by responding to their reviews with possible solutions and moderating some responses that were given.

The excitement began when the host stated that the Mozillain with the highest number of contributions would win a prize. All were happy and energetic so, to kick off more excitement some of the very talented singers from NSBM itself performed a few songs to keep everyone entertained. However, the event was incredibly successful due to the constant motivation by the organizers.

The SUMO Sprint concluded with a huge gratitude by the host and his encouraging words to become part of more activities. The winner with the highest contributions accepted an official Mozilla t-shirt, as promised, with the next top ten receiving gift packs. The best part of the day would be the final group picture of all the participants with the organizers, right before wrapping up the event.

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