Mozilla Release Firefox 67

Mozilla has released a host of fixes for its browser as it rolls out its latest 67 version of Firefox, which touts better speed and privacy. Mozilla patched several critical vulnerabilities with the release of its Firefox 67 browser update

The worst of the bugs patched are two memory safety flaws that could allow attackers to exploit the vulnerabilities to take control of an affected system, according to a security bulletin issued by United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team.

One of the critical bugs impacts the Firefox and the Firefox ESR browser in version 66. The Firefox ESR browser is its Extended Support Release version of Firefox, designed for mass deployments.

A second critical memory vulnerability, found in Firefox 66 (but not in Firefox ERS), could also be exploited to run arbitrary code, according to Mozilla.

The technical specifics of both the critical bugs have not yet been released. Still unknown is whether either critical vulnerability can be exploited remotely or if they require local access to impacted systems.

Firefox 67.0 Other Changes

Starting with the release of Firefox 67 Stable, all extensions that do get installed by users in the web browser won’t run in private browsing windows by default.

The installation dialog displays an option to allow a particular extension to run in private windows, and there is an option to modify the preference for each individual extension in the browser’s add-ons manager.

All you need to do is open about:addons, select Extensions from the menu, and click on any of the extensions to open its profile page. There you may need to scroll down a bit to the bottom section to allow or disallow that extension from running in private windows.

Firefox’s add-ons manager displays for each extension if it is allowed to run in private windows on the main page making it easy to keep an overview of the behavior.

All extensions installed previously retain rights to run in private windows; if you want that changed, you have to do so in the add-ons manager.


Minor changes

  • FIDO U2F API enabled.
  • File Menu has a new Import Data option.
  • Firefox Account toolbar menu.
  • Firefox may highlight features, e.g. Pin Tabs, to the user.
  • Font and date adjustments for new Japanese Era.

    • Keyboard accessibility improvements: control the toolbar and overflow menu with keys:
      1. Ctrl-L to focus the address bar.
      2. Tab and Shift-Tab to move between toolbar button groups.
      3. Arrow keys to move in a group.
      4. Space or Enter to activate a toolbar button.
      5. F6 to return without action.


    • Passwords may be saved in private browsing mode.


    • Performance improvements in various areas, e.g. automatically unload unused tabs.


    • Pin Tabs from the Page Actions menu.
    • Quick access to saved logins from Main Menu and autocomplete.

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