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It’s Back! Software Freedom Day – 2021

Software is an essential component to uplift the quality of life. In a digital era like this, there is no doubt that most of a community’s operations are handled through software. From the mobile devices that you use to space crafts, the software is the key component that monitors the underlying hardware.

And then, what is Software Freedom Day? What is free software? Have you ever come across the term “FOSS”? If not, FOSS stands for free and open-source software. The software freedom does not explicitly mean they are out of charge, but the source code of that software is free to alter, re-distribute, or modify. This open-source software is governed by special policies called open-source licenses. Free and Open-source software allows developers to come up with their own versions of valuable software. If it wasn’t for the free software, we may not even see all the amazing products we use today.

So, Software Freedom Day is a day dedicated to explore free software and recognize its values. 

The first Software Freedom Day was celebrated on 24th August 2004. Since then, this celebration occurs as an annual event, organized all over the world by developer communities. And this year also, the Free and Open Source(FOSS) Community of Sri Lanka is ready to celebrate this special day on 18th September on behalf of Sri Lankan Developers.

In the previous year, FOSS Sri Lanka organized Software Freedom Day(SFD) at the two universities, NSBM Green University and ICBT Campus with the help of other universities. Even though the pandemic times, the events were huge successes with many recognized roles from the tech industry participating to raise awareness on software freedom.

On 18th September 2021, the annual celebration of this precious free software would take place, with the collaboration of many organizations and people. We will discuss the future of free software, identify its value, and raise awareness about the available free software. So, are you ready to be a part of this amazing moment? Then don’t forget to visit the social media of FOSS Sri Lanka and register for the event. There is no doubt that it is going to be fabulous this year too!

Register for Software Freedom Day 21 Celebration:

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Nishu Dissanayake – NSBM Green University

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