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Firefox is the most popular web browser in the world. From 1998 with the Netscape browser Firefox gives you an amazing experience with the latest technology. The open community of Mozilla, produces new kind of techniques, tools and Projects for the Users to feel the Internet. After the several years of contribution Firefox has released their first main project Mozilla 1.0 in 2002.

Firefox browser will release their version 63 in October of this year. It will bring many features for the Firefox users. It will bring you an updated Tracking protection system for your browser. You can safely surf the internet without any kind of tracking. It will protect your browsing data from unauthorized collectors in the internet.

Tracking protection feature was introduced few years ago with the Private Browsing but now users can enjoy tracking protection in their default view of the browser. To provide flexibility for the users, it can be enable at the any time at the default browser.

When comparing to other versions, Firefox team has advanced their anti-Tracking System with many technologies. You can easily decide which kind of tracking protection you need. Otherwise you can use all of these tracking protection options.

Cryptojacking is the one of the major threat in the cyber world. Hackers use your websites Smartphones Servers to mine the cryptocurrency. Firefox version 63 will solve this problem. The new tracking protection features will protect you from the cryptojacking attack. it will give you maximum protection when you surf the web. Within few months users can feel the difference.


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