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Mozilla BugHunter Event by Mozilla Campus Club – UWU

Mozilla Become a Beta Testing BugHunter was successfully held on Tuesday, 28th of May 2019 at Main Lecture Theatre of Uva Wellassa University commencing from 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.


More than 50 participants joined for the event, and all of them were welcomed by the Club Lead of Mozilla Campus Club – UWU, Isuru Edirisinghe. The primary purpose of this event was to introduce the beta testing program of the Mozilla New Android web browser codenamed “Fenix” and help to get it ready for the free and open source web.

Club Captain Isuru commenced the session, and explained the step by step the process of being registered for the beta testing program, with his guidance, all members were able to register for the beta testing program.



After that, he demonstrated how to submit a bug report. The event was heating up just after Isuru informed the participants that the paticipants who submit a bug report can earn swags!. And the participants engaged in finding bugs and the technical supporters of the Mozilla Campus Club – UWU helped them to submit the bug reports successfully.


Before concluding the event, all the participants who were able to submit the bug reports received swags from the Club Lead Isuru Edirisinghe as promised.


The event was successfully concluded with over 15+ bugs submitted during the period of the session!


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Article by : Sudaraka Senavirathna


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