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Being a Mozillian

Being a Mozillian will make you part of the Mozilla community. Its been a long time I have joined Mozilla community and i was able to join in many community based projects during the time. I’m a third year software engineering undergraduate student and i always loved community work and being part of Mozilla community always helped me to achieve my goals.

I joined Mozilla in year 2010 and helped out conduct a ‘Firefox 4’ launch event at my university.During this event I got the chance to meet Danishka and he asked me to join Mozilla community. But since i was busy with my studies I was not able to join at that time. I actively joined Mozilla in year 2013 and during this time as a Mozillian i have contributed to the Mozilla as a web developer by developing ‘’ web portal.

In this year i have contributed as an Event Organizer,Presenter as well as a trainer. During the New Firefox launch event held in Colombo I contributed as a presenter and an event organizer. During this event I got the chance to interact with many students from different universities in the country and was able to help them out in many ways.

I also got the chance to conduct a practical training session on web apps development for school children which was held in kingswood college as well. This was a very successful session as this will help to maximise the IT knowledge of school children as well as making them aware of new technologies.

Other than that I have also contributed as a resource person for ‘FirefoxOS Apps Day’ a two day event held in NSBM. I think being a mozillian as helped me out in several ways. It has helped me to increase my knowledge in many in technologies as well as the FirefoxOS which I love to use.

I have represented Mozilla as a Public Speaker, Event organizer, Web Developer as well as a Trainer. During this time I was able to develop my technical skills as well as soft skills and I think more than everything its so much fun to work as a mozillian and help the people by spreading the good things with Mozilla .

– Akalanka Herath

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