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Firefox Launch Event 2014

In commemoration of the all-new Firefox Australis launch that was globally awaited by all on the 29th of April 2014, the Mozilla Sri Lankan Community also hosted the celebration of this aforementioned launch on 10th of May this year. In addition to it, the launch party also marked the re-establishment of the Mozilla Sri Lankan Community.

Students and enthusiast from different universities around the country were part of the crowd who joined in to witness the proceedings of the event.

The event proceedings started off with a history to Mozilla Foundation and all the work carried about to this day. Speakers touched upon the milestones achieved and the success stories were shared with the audience. Apart from one of the safest browsers, Firefox also is very keen on the speediness of the browser.

A small celebration also took place next where 2 delicious cakes were cut and the audience in unity cheered and wished success to the Mozilla Sri Lankan Community for their re-establishment and for the community’s future endeavors.
Following the celebration, a session was conducted on FirefoxOS, Mozilla’s mobile operating System where the speakers also spoke about how to create apps that can easily be uploaded to the Marketplace. Local apps created by developers here were showcased and the audience were given Firefox mobiles to experience the feel.

The Sri Lankan Mozilla Community also went the extra mile to organize a small entertainment game where some of the hardcore Twitterholics were able to grab some cool gifts for putting out some of the best #MozillaLK hash-tagged tweets.

An event like this would not have been success if not for the genuine enthusiasm shown by the techies and enthusiasts. Social Media was flooded with tweets, instas, Facebook posts and all other types of posts. Also, the MozillaLK Community reaches out with huge thanks to the online magazine partners, photographers, bloggers and everyone else for their valuable services before, after and throughout the event. Also a special word of thanks goes out to the FOSS communities in all the universities,who came forward and worked together with the Mozilla LK Community to make this event a success. In the near future, a line of events have been planned out for universities, and the Mozilla LK community along with the FOSS community will work hand in hand to reach out to the university students.Finally a huge thanks also goes out to NSBM (National School of Business Management) for helping out with the premises and for all the help rendered at all times.

This was definitely the “Event” of the month, judging from all the positive feedback received from the audience. This marks a great start for the Mozilla Sri Lankan Community and definitely, there’s more to come.


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