Mozilla Firefox Support Sprint – Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

A Mozilla Firefox Support Sprint organized by the Mozilla Campus Club of Rajarata University of Sri Lanka with the collaboration of Association of Rajarata Information and Communication Technology (ARICT). It was held on Sunday, 03rd of June 2018 at Rajarata University of Sri Lanka with 50+ participants. This was open for all open source technology enthusiasts in RUSL as well as other universities.

Who conduct the event?

Actually two events were happened parallel because there were students who were prefer to communicate in Tamil as well. Maleesha Kumarage who is the president of ARICT (3rd year student of RUSL) and Gobiga Rajalingam (2nd year student of RUSL) conduct those two sessions.

Objective of the event

Each and Every day, many Firefox users ask for help in case of resolving issues in their browser. The main objective of this event was to help users, when they ask for support in reviews on the Play Store. By responding to their reviews, possible solutions and some moderating responses were given.

How is the flow of event?

The first step of the event was giving brief introduction to Mozilla and then about free and open source software. After talking about what is SUMO Sprint (SUpport MOzilla), had a practical session for how to use SUMO tool and discussion.

What audience gathered from the event?

Event wind up around 3.00pm and massive audience had gathered. By this event, much knowledge regarding Mozilla as well as the way of how to contribute using SUMO tool was discussed.

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