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Firefox Student Ambassadors – Sri Lanka

Well the title typically doesn’t apply for the post . It’s just a wording made up with .
So the good news is  we’re in way to establishing the Firefox Student Ambassadors – Sri Lankan Community as subset of Mozilla Sri Lanka.

Firefox Student Ambassadors are individuals who are passionate about Mozilla and raise awareness about the many benefits of using Firefox.

This blog is for Firefox Student Ambassadors from Sri Lanka. This page will be dedicaed to ambassadors to share ideas/ brainstorm, discuss/ plan events, share ones work/projects, and anything and everything related FSA Program Sri Lanka.

here are several resource that you can read about FSA program more :

To learn more about the Firefox Student Ambassador Program and to sign up, please visit: Firefox Student Ambassador Registration

List of all Firefox club from Sri Lanka and all over the world: Mozilla Firefox Club directory

We’re super excited to work with student ambassadors all over the country and do amazing contribution to the community with Mozilla.

Localizations , Firefox QE , WoMoz (Woman in Mozilla ) , Community designs , Development , SUMO Contributions , Bug hunting , events organizing and lot more..

you can stay connected with FSA program Sri Lanka with below links for future updates.

Mailing Group :
Mailing group Email :

Twitter :

Facebook Group :

Facebook Page :

Email :

Regional Ambassador Leads : RAL ( Regional Ambassador Leads ) Sri Lanka


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