Firefox Australis

Firefox has released its new version Firefox 29 which gives you a great new experience in web browsing. New Firefox comes with a cool design with all new rounded shaped tabs which makes it very attractive and nice looking. In contrast with the other browsers, New Firefox has improved the way it highlights the opened tab which makes it noticeable as well.

attachment.cgi-id8386243Firefox 29 comes with several other features which makes it more attractive and cool. One is the menu which is also customizable. It gives you access to many features like open up a new window, open up a private windows which gives you ability for private browsing, full screen and many other features. It also allows you to customize the menu and you can priorities your favorite features and bring it to front easily by just a simple drag and drop.

Firefox also comes with an enhanced syncing facility. All the information such as users web browsing history. bookmarks, settings and many things are synchronized automatically so that with the login facility you can access to all your information from both your PC and Mobile device which will make your web browsing even more comfortable and faster.

Firefox-29-ReleaseThe new Firefox Australis user interface is something that you will definitely love.


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